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Free 21 Day Intuition Jumpstart 

Welcome! I'm so excited for you to sign up for my free 21 Day Intuition Jumpstart. You can expect practical, easy ways to start tapping into your intuitive gifts. In my guide you will have a new practice everyday for 21 days. You can go in order or jump around. Also, revisit it often whenever you feel like you need some extra intuition help. Remember intuition is not a gift, it is your birthright.

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Before I fully embraced my intuitive, psychic gifts I was just like you. I was a busy, burned out mom who had no time for anything, let alone a spiritual practice. I couldn't find a place for the moms who craved spiritual connection. There was seemingly nothing for the moms who wanted to embrace their intuitive birthright. That is why I created this space and these practices. This is spiritual practice in real life. There are no meditation retreats or long mornings filled with rituals of self care over here. It's all unfolded laundry and timely f*** bombs at my house. So if you are looking for a boots on the ground approach to connecting to your intuition and spirit guides/angels, I'm your girl.

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